Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Ribbon Paperclip Bookmarks!

Another day, another project- I sure am in a craftin' kinda mood lately! :)

I was surfing through Pinterest the other day, and I found these super cute ribbon bookmarks. I pinned it to come back to it, and then found paperclips while I was looking for something in my craft room. I thought, "Paperclips! I can make those bookmarks I saw!" So I grabbed some ribbon, started cutting, and less than an hour later had about 64 bookmarks made. Pretty awesome, right? Well, then I actually LOOKED at the pin. Turns out this chick sells hers, and she makes them a bit differently than I did. I found a couple of things that I could change about mine. Unfortunately, that meant I had to start untying and re-tying... but my finished results (although it took me 3 times as long as it should have!) are pretty cute. I have tons of little bookmarks for me, some friends, some family, and my kids' teachers. Total cost: .49! (I had to buy red ribbon). So here is my handy-dandy tutorial! Of course, you can also buy them from the link I already posted- hers are quite a bit different than mine.

Here's what you need:
Paperclips. There is a lot of leeway here, but it does impact the way you will proceed. Some people use the ginormous ones. I used the small ones, but that is because I already had them and I couldn't find medium-sized ones at the dollar store. So there ya go,

Ribbon. Lots of ribbon. I would highly recommend thin ribbon, definitely under an inch in width, and not stiff- this makes it easier to tie. For my bookmarks, I used two different colors on each paperclip. If you have larger paperclips, you can use more ribbon- just remember that you don't want to put so much on there that it won't do its job. For small paperclips, I made each ribbon around 8 inches in length- but some were longer and some were shorter, as I didn't feel like measuring. It's supposed to be easy, right? Feel free to make your ribbon longer for a more dangly effect.

That's it!

Here we go:

1. Take two pieces of ribbon and one paperclip (or more ribbon, if you are using a larger paperclip).

2. Your paper clip should look like this. The open end needs to be pointing upwards.

3. Fold your ribbon in half. Insert it through the top loop of your paperclip (remember- open end pointing up! You will want your paperclip to slip onto your book pages, and it won't work if you do it the other way).

4. Take the ends of your ribbon and stick them through the ribbon loop that was made after you slipped the ribbon into the paperclip.

5. Pull! Now, I found that after pulling it, it was more effective to pull each strand one at a time to tighten it. Get it as tight as possible.

It should look like this:

You can also just tie a simple knot, which is how I started off doing it. This is definitely easy, but I didn't like my ribbons pointing every which way. I like the way they look when they stick straight up. It's definitely your preference. HOWEVER: tying it in a knot gives you a bit more room for your paperclip to sit on your book page, which might be better for the smaller clips. Just slip one end of the ribbon through the top loop of the paper clip and then tie on top.


If you have a bit more time, you can embellish these even further. This would definitely be better for bigger paperclips. You can hot-glue a flower, rhinestone, or even a button onto the front of your ribbon (at the top of the paperclip). This would be super cute. I don't have an example, because I used small paperclips.

So here is what your bookmark looks like poking out of the top of the greatest literature of all time:

Cute, huh? Totally Jane Austen-worthy.

To make gifts, I made little cards that say Bookmarks at the bottom, and then slipped the bookmarks onto the top. This, of course, helps to eradicate any confusion by the receiving party when they open a box of ribbons and paperclips. It also shows them how to use it, in case they need a bit of special help. ;) Just wrap in some tissue paper, and voila! You have gifts for teachers, friends, book club or Bible study members, or any book-lover on your list. You can pick whatever colors you want and just go crazy! These are ribbons I had in my craft room already, so that is what I used.

Time: An hour, depending on how many you make (and longer, if you decide to really go crazy!)

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homeheartandhaven said...

So cute!!!!! said...

So simple and colorful, a little bright spot. I am always dropping my bookmarks out of my books..this should solve that problem!

Crystal Mendez said...

Hey I found your blog just by searching so greatful I did god bless you I love coming here! I'm also following on pinterest God bless
Ps iv also placed your button on mine ;)

Crystal Mendez said...

I have so much ribbon thanks for this post

Ang said...

Totally bookmarking this! Thanks!

Xippikat said...

The ribbon seems to slip easily.... do you have any suggestion to secure it more securely?